What to Bring

  • Toiletries, personal care items, such as soaps (hand & body), shampoo-conditioners, etc...
  • Due do sanitary reasons, homes do not supply bath mats, if you feel you will need one please bring one along.
  • Necessary tools for cleaning up after your pet, for example a scoop & bags. (if you will be bringing a pet)
  • Paper Products- (paper towels/napkins/coffee filters/extra toilet paper, etc)
  • Extra Trash bags.
  • Laundry soap- for homes with washer/dryer
  • Beach towels for swimming and/or hot tub use.
  • Charcoal for your BBQ grill.  If your home has propane we will supply that.
  • Drinking water can be purchased at the local grocery store.  Our water supply comes from private wells, some homes have hard water.
  • Binoculars for viewing wildlife and freighters.
  • Camera and/or video camera.
  • Food, cloths, & your friends and/or family!!
  • Life vests for children *for waterfront homes, or homes that provide water toys such as kayaks.

 Things we supply   If we forgot to re-stock any of these items, just ask, we will be happy to supply them for you!  

  • Dish soap and Dishwasher soap (for homes that have dishwashers)
  • *Limited supply* of toilet paper. (what is on spindle, + one full roll, per bathroom)
  • *Limited supply* of trash bags. (One lining can, + one extra, per can)
  • Mouse traps (you are in the wilderness!)
  • 1 standard size adult life vest per kayak *for homes with kayaks

Each of our homes has the following items

  • Toaster
  • Microwave
  • Coffee maker
  • Television (your home lists whether you get Satellite TV, Smart TV, or Regular TV)
  • BBQ grill (your home lists what type, Gas or Charcoal)
  • Fully furnished kitchen, such as utensils, pots/pans, cups/glasses, bowls/plates, etc.
  • Bedding, such as pillows, blankets, sheets
  • Limited amount of towels (we guarantee one set per guest, #is posted at each home) 
  • Refrigerator and Stove with oven, or Convection oven
  • Box/floor or ceiling fan, one per room. (does not apply to homes that have air conditioning)
  • bonfire pits.. because who wants to vacation and not have a bonfire!!?