Northern Properties Rating System

Note: Homes are rated by Northern Properties and are based specifically on the overall condition of the home, as well as guest feedback.  Ratings do not take into consideration a homes surroundings or location, or the amenities it may offer. *Many of our lower rated homes are located on some of the most superb waterfront property. 



5 Star Rating

Newer and/or updated home with top notch furnishings and décor. Highest standard of quality and comfort throughout.  


4 Star Rating

Well kept home with stylish furnishings and décor. Comfortable with very little signs of wear and tear. 

3 Star Rating

Home is in good condition and is comfortable, but may show some signs of wear and tear.  Nicely furnished and decorated.  


2 Star Rating

Modest, simple & basic. May show signs of needing maintenance which does not hinder your stay.  Furnishings and amenities may be more dated and/or show signs of use, but are functional.   

1 Star Rating
1 star homes are not acceptable at Northern Properties.