Check out time is 9 AM peak season- 10 AM off-peak season
Peak season is Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day weekend.

There is a $100 per hour charge for any unapproved late check outs.
Late check outs are not permitted
(1) During the months of July & August,                                                                    
 (2) When there is an arrival on your departure day, or                                                                                                             
 (3) When requested on the day before or morning of your departure day. 


Put all trash & returnables in designated bins provided outside. (NO animal/fish remains)                                                                                                                                                                                                                            
Wash all dishes, or start dishwasher                                                                                

Clean food out of fridge & freezer (check oven for food and make sure it is off)                                   
Scrape grills & wash grill utensils, make sure propane is off *
Leave all wet towels in bathtub or shower
Please do not remake beds
Clean up outside (cigarette butts/trash/cans/etc.)
Be sure all furniture, TV cords, remotes, etc. are where you found them
Return kayaks, canoes, & life vests to where you found them *
Be sure hot tub jets/lights are off & covers are secured with straps *
If you have a pet be sure to clean up after it inside and out*
Check home for any personal belongings (there is a fee to ship items left behind)
Report any damages that occurred during your stay
Turn heat down to 60, (or turn air conditioning off) *
Be sure fireplaces are out/off (DO NOT turn off pilots) *
Shut off all lights & bathroom fans.
Make sure all windows AND doors are closed & locked except main door
Return key to office (if office is closed drop key in lock box)

*Where applicable
  Please note:  There will be a fee for any excessive cleaning that may be required by our housekeepers and/or service crew for failure to follow the above procedures.


Thank you for staying with us, we hope you had a great time!                                  
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