CHECK IN TIME IS 3 pm OR LATER:  If you arrive earlier than 3 pm, we cannot guarantee your home will be ready for you and you may have to wait. We cannot give out keys to homes until the office is notified the home is clean.                                           

DIRECTIONS TO OFFICE:  When you exit the ferry, follow the main road (M-134, also called Channel Rd) 7.6 miles. We are a log building on the left, immediately following Esthers Mexican Restaurant.

YOU MUST CHECK IN AT THE OFFICE FIRST:  DO NOT go directly to the home, even if you are a repeat guest and have been there before. You MUST check in at the office, at which time you will get your key, directions and information about your home. Our directions give you exact instructions on how to get to the home. We DO NOT give out home addresses as GPS units do not work well on the Island and you could get lost.

LATE ARRIVALS OR IN THE EVENT THE OFFICE IS CLOSED: There is a check-in box located to the left of the front door of the office that will contain a packet with your name and the name of your home on it. Everything you need will be inside the envelope, including directions and instructions for the home and a key.  

CONTACT INFO: Your paperwork will have the office number on it. The office voice mail has a mobile number on it for emergencies. If you have any problems or need anything once you arrive at the home, please call so we can help.                                                                                                               
GUESTS: If you have guests who will be staying with you and will be arriving at a later time, please make sure they will know how to get to the home. We are happy to send you directions in advance that can be given to your guests.


                                        Please review the Rental Terms and What to Bring for more information:                       
You are responsible for everyone in your party, make sure they know the rules and what amenities are in the home.  

We cannot be held accountable if your group expects something different.