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Dog Policy and Fees

  • Each unit lists whether or not dogs are allowed. 
  • Cats are not allowed in any homes. 
  • For the units listing INQUIRE, please contact our office to see if your pet meets the owner's requirements.
  • All dogs must be approved, we reserve the right to refuse any pet or more than 1 pet
  • There is a charge of $70 extra per week, or $10 per day, per pet.
  • If you are staying one night, the pet fee is $20
  • If you bring a pet and do not report it, we will charge the credit card on file for required fees.  
  • If you bring a pet to a "no pet home" the fee is $200, plus the cost to restore the home to a 'no pet home'.   
  • We reserve the right to refuse pets, even in a home that allows pets. 
  • You must clean up after your pet, inside and outside.  If you need a shovel we would be happy to supply you with one. 
  • If we see a pet at a 'no pet' home during your stay, you will be asked to leave immediately.
  • Pets are NOT ALLOWED on the beds or furniture.  Blankets that are left with pet hair that doesn't wash out, are no longer useable by other guests.  You will be billed for replacement costs!

Please note:  We love pets and would like to allow them in all homes.  But some owners would prefer not to.  We have to honor this.  Our pet policy is not because we think your pet will misbehave, it's because of pet hair, messes, and scents that each pet leaves behind.   We know that you are bringing your pet on vacation because he is part of the family, and is well behaved.  The next guest may not own a pet and it wouldn't be fair if they could tell there was a pet.

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