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Chuck's Place
Chuck's Place
Maxton Road
Drummond Island, MI 49726
As the author of this web site, I feel obliged to put my two cents into the businesses section. I simply can't pass up the opportunity to rave about this charming local hangout. Your trip to Drummond Island is not complete without paying a visit to this colorful local bar & grill. The atmosphere is definitely worth the trip. A pool table with a slight lean sits in the middle of the floor, surrounded by old tables. A dart board hangs on the wall, next to a big screen TV that continually broadcasts sporting events. Cokes are served in large jelly jars and the grill food is delicious. Drop by and get the local gossip. Find out where the fish are biting, and who got a new snowmobile. Listen to old men complain about the weather. You won't be disappointed.

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