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                                      This form is designed to be printed & filled out.                                                         Return by email, fax or mail using the information below.

                                  Submit by: Fax: 906-493-6944  Email: drummondisland@hotmail.com                                                                            Mail: 29507 E Channel Rd, Drummond Island, MI 49726  

  1. I have read and understand all Rental terms, and will be responsible for my guests and/or pets.
  2. I authorize Northern Properties (NP) to charge any balance due, and any damages or charges incurred, to my credit card provided.
  3. I have read the Check-In procedures and will be prepared to pay my balance upon arrival, not departure.
  4. I understand the cancellation policy, located on the Rental terms.
  5. I understand that I cannot ask for money back for any reason that is not hindering our stay in the rental home, or that can be handled/fixed by NP.  (If the incident is not fixable, and is hindering your stay, NP will move you to another home, at our expense, with no refund- unless the home is a downgrade)
  6. If anyone in my group has an issue with the rental home, or cleanliness of the rental home, it is my responsibility as the card holder, to contact NP.
  7. I am responsible for making sure that everyone in my group knows the rental terms and has a complete description of the home.
  8. I understand that NO vehicles of any kind are allowed on the lawn or shoreline.  Including 4-wheelers, jeeps, motorcycles AND snowmobiles. If driving on the lawn results in damage to the drain field, I will be charged repair costs, which could be as much as $5000.  I will make sure my group knows this.
  9. I also understand that before bringing a pet or a boat, I must check with NP to make sure the home will accommodate either one.  (NP does not pay dock space if you bring a boat to a home with no dock or low water)
  10. I understand that check in time is 3pm, and that it is my responsibility to check out on time or there is a fee.  (check out time is 9am for peak season, 10am for off peak season)
  11. I understand that if I am staying during off peak season that my balance needs to be paid 1 week prior to check in.
Please fill out ENTIRE form below and sign.  Do not leave any area blank.


Printed _______________________________________________


City, State, Zip__________________________________________

Ph # s ________________________________________________


CC#__________________________________________________Debit cards not accepted!
Expiration Date____________3 digits on back__________

Arrival Date _____________________Departure Date ______________________

Rental Home______________________________ # of guests ______   Pets _____ IF no pets please enter 0
(pets must be approved and are only allowed in pet friendly homes)

Put a check next to the following statements that apply:

Reserve the home for me_____    I already reserved my home online or over the phone______

Take the full deposit amount  of $_______     I have already paid my deposit online _____

I gave my card # over the phone  ______ (booking online does not give us access to this information)



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